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Friday, August 6, 2010

Take A Walk On The moon

Thank you Netflix for allowing me to put myself through the emotional trauma of "A walk on the moon" (again). A HeArTbrEakING, roller coaster ride full of passionate peoples relationships splayed open for all to see--yet simultaneously, an endearing & uplifting tale of the most awesome Jewish family from Queens who vacation in the Catskills every summer, including '69 - when so much was going down;)
 If you're looking to spend a cpl hrs crying your eyes out, allow the Tea leaf reading Bubby to enlighten you... "ugh, I'm always right - It's a curse." Starring Liev Shrieber, Viggo Mortenson, Diane Lane and the voice of Marge Simpson's sister over the loudspeaker narrating ..." The Ice Cream Man is on the premises, the I Cream Man is on the premises". Truly a story worth watching, even though now I look like I poured bleach in my eyes.