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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rose - Mandy Moore Contemporary (Top 6)

Revelation Song - lyrical

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Final Stages

This week it was confirmed for us, that my Grandmother -Mahota Walker Salerno is in the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease....a thief that has stolen her capacity to think, speak& know those she loves ...but has not completly taken her joy, or capacity for laughter & hugs.

My Grandmother liked to quote "Gone with the wind", not Rhett's "Frankly Scarlett..." line...;) BUT at one point in the movie, the frame is filled with a shot of a gravestone with the following etched;
"Do not squander time, that is the stuff life is made of."

Mahota did not squander time. Nor did she complain, she went through life always doing her best at a job - no matter what the job. She had such an understanding attitude for others, any type of people - they sought her out; for advice, for a strong cup of coffeee & enlightened conversation, or a ride home from work. Whether cleaning up after a family of 5, or running an assembly line at Parker Hannafin, in her mind, she worked for God.

A lesson she so clearly conveyed to me, was that each day mattered - we are not here long and we must be grateful for whatever time we do have. Mahota was a living example of this.

Were all in the final stages no man is promised tomorrow - that is the reality of this crumbling creation. Not your maker's intention for you, but a consequence of the fall of man. And if you think man is not fallen, then you're delusional.
But there is Hope, there is Love. We see it everyday, acts of unselfishness - these are the "Acts of God" (He's pretty much only given credit for tidal waves, tornadoes & hurricanes). News media focuses on the depravity of our fellow man, the turmoil of our world - but there are people quietly doing good works out there, not for glory or fame but LOVE.

So, what have you done for someone else today?