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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Q, a rich fool

And he said to them: The land of the rich man brought forth plentifully & he thought to himself:
What shall I do, for I have nowhere to store my crops?
And he said, I will do this: I will pull down my barns & build LArGeR ones; & there will I store all my grain & goods.
And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; take your ease, EAT, DRINK, BE MERRy.
But GOD said to him, FOOL! This night your SOUL is required of you; and the THINGS you have prepared, whose will they be? THUS IS THE ONE WHO LAYS UP TREasure for HIMSELF & is not rich towards God. 12:16-21
SO DEAR READER, where does ur treasure lie? U will know by your fruits....does ur family long to sit beside u- or do they know ur too busy? How do u & with whom do u spend ur time? To no man is tomorrow promised & plastic crap & paper money are never gonna keep u company----its the people that r important. Love in deed NOT in word, lifes too short for bullshit.

I'm no Einstein but...

I know GRACE HAPPENS.........
How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill..... In such a place even I would be an ardent patriot. - Albert Einstein

Could this be the place?'s_Vineyard
I do believe MV to be a special place, magical almost- when you can smell the sea on the air & see the light of the sky reflected back on itself, mystery of mysterys how there seems to be a song that rolls in on the waves. I have lived most of my life on the shores of the "Inland sea", and Lake Ontario is one Great Lake - but the Atlantic is pretty awe inspiring....
But, I, like Dorothy, have learned that there is no place like home. That you can go searching for yourself all the way to OZ & back, but you really neednt look further than your own back yard.
I have also learned that home, is where the heart is - where you hang your hat - where you are surrounded by those you love. Many of those I love are far from me, some in actual miles, some here- but unreachable-seperated by the distance of illness & decay. We there for must hold them in our heart - home IS where the heart is........ i hope today, that you find yourself - at home.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Q

For John came, neither eating nor drinking, and you say:
He has a demon!
The son of man came, eating & drinking, and you say:
Look! A person who is a glutton & drunkard, a friend of tax collectors & sinners!
But Wisdom was vindicated by her children. 7:33-34

Do not treasure for yourselves treasures on earth,
Where moth & gnawing deface & where robbers dig through and rob--
But treasure for yourselves treasures in heaven,
Where neither moth nor gnawing defaces and where robbers do not dig through nor rob.
For where your treasure is, there also be your heart. 12:33-34

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

when things get scary

My favorite prayer when I feel like giving up.....
"Father I thank You that all things work together for my good;
that it is You who are at work in me to will and do of Your good pleasure.
Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.
I will not let this attack discourage me because your grace is sufficient for me.
You will help me through it.
When I think of the sufferings of many others I feel ashamed for having any self pity.
I will therefor rejoice in the God of my salvation and give You thanks in and for everything."
--R.Comfort/Evidence Bible

I pray this in the name of Your son, Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Ha'messiah, a baby boy from Bethlehem, a roughneck from Nazareth, our most precious and worthy Lamb. Amein.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Walk on the Moon

Take A Walk On The moon

Thank you Netflix for allowing me to put myself through the emotional trauma of "A walk on the moon" (again). A HeArTbrEakING, roller coaster ride full of passionate peoples relationships splayed open for all to see--yet simultaneously, an endearing & uplifting tale of the most awesome Jewish family from Queens who vacation in the Catskills every summer, including '69 - when so much was going down;)
 If you're looking to spend a cpl hrs crying your eyes out, allow the Tea leaf reading Bubby to enlighten you... "ugh, I'm always right - It's a curse." Starring Liev Shrieber, Viggo Mortenson, Diane Lane and the voice of Marge Simpson's sister over the loudspeaker narrating ..." The Ice Cream Man is on the premises, the I Cream Man is on the premises". Truly a story worth watching, even though now I look like I poured bleach in my eyes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Under Pressure

Dearest Reader,
The world can press in on all of us, demanding our time; not to mention our blood,sweat and tears. Depending on your perspective, it can seem to be a world of tribulation - full of pain and grief, someone stealing from you and working to destroy you at all times. Those we love are torn away from us, what goes around does not always come around, life isn't fair.
Upon the news of the death of Martin Luther King Jr, Robert F. Kennedy spoke to an angry crowd who were ready to riot over the brutal assassination of a beloved leader in the Civil Rights Movement, he quoted Aeschylus;
"In our sleep, pain
 which can not forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart until,
in our own despair,
against our will,
comes wisdom
through the awful grace of God."
Mr. Kennedy went on to speak of the assassination of his own brother-President John Kennedy. RFK was a man well acquainted with tragedy and pain, the crowd disassembled peacefully - and civilly, as Reverend King would have wanted.

This is a challenging and trying world - a fallen creation. Even our Messiah, who came and lived as a man so we could know him, was a man of great sorrows. The shortest verse of the bible, "Jesus wept."
But take heart, dearest reader, He came so you could have and enjoy life, here & now!
In the midst of the tragedy, in the middle of storm- He will calm the waters.
Under Pressure? He that is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
Our enemy is defeated folks, that makes him mean & angry, but defeated none the less.
We can't control our circumstances - ever - only how we choose to react to them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

He made Grace my name because I need it so badly

Dearest Reader,
Don't wait till you're good enough to cry out to God.
He will meet you wherever you are; whether its the bottom or the top,
Our God is no respecter of persons.
FYI, you'll never be "good" enough. All your "good works" will never be enough.
Ever lied, cheated, stole...? Yeah- join the club.
GOOD NEWS: Jesus did not die to make bad people good, but dead people live.
In this life you will have tribulation, its a guarantee, but take heart- our Messiah has overcome this world.
Why is Our God different? GRACE.
There is no Grace in Islam, Buddhism, for the Hindu, etc...
All of the religions can be wrong, but only one can be right.
Christ is the only way of salvation. It is not arrogance to speak this way.
I don't have the truth--the truth has me.
The "Church" has tried to sell a version of the truth- seek for yourself--
be aware of reflections not of the REAL Jesus, but of the church that came after him.


I ask you Dearest reader, to take a look with new eyes at this man 
Jesus - who came and lived as no other god or man has before or since.
We have a great deal to be grateful for. -jlrg

"I'll carry my cross and I'll carry the shame...
and I'll do it for Love, no it won't be in vain, 
I'll carry my cross, and I'll carry the shame"

"Father please forgive them 

they know not what they do in this world."