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Monday, August 2, 2010

He made Grace my name because I need it so badly

Dearest Reader,
Don't wait till you're good enough to cry out to God.
He will meet you wherever you are; whether its the bottom or the top,
Our God is no respecter of persons.
FYI, you'll never be "good" enough. All your "good works" will never be enough.
Ever lied, cheated, stole...? Yeah- join the club.
GOOD NEWS: Jesus did not die to make bad people good, but dead people live.
In this life you will have tribulation, its a guarantee, but take heart- our Messiah has overcome this world.
Why is Our God different? GRACE.
There is no Grace in Islam, Buddhism, for the Hindu, etc...
All of the religions can be wrong, but only one can be right.
Christ is the only way of salvation. It is not arrogance to speak this way.
I don't have the truth--the truth has me.
The "Church" has tried to sell a version of the truth- seek for yourself--
be aware of reflections not of the REAL Jesus, but of the church that came after him.


I ask you Dearest reader, to take a look with new eyes at this man 
Jesus - who came and lived as no other god or man has before or since.
We have a great deal to be grateful for. -jlrg

"I'll carry my cross and I'll carry the shame...
and I'll do it for Love, no it won't be in vain, 
I'll carry my cross, and I'll carry the shame"

"Father please forgive them 

they know not what they do in this world."