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Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Day of Prayer 2015

Remember who you are America. 
Today thousands of men, women and children across this nation will lift their voices, 
turn their faces towards, and open their hearts -  to God.
Will you? He calls to you today.

We live in a glorious age of wonder, we also exist in a time of profound change and upheaval.
Climate change, unprecedented drought, animal extinctions, volcanic eruptions, and - as the earth shakes across our nation and around the world, many simply go about their business, as if nothing is out of the ordinary. But it is beyond ordinary, we are chosen to bear witness to the EXTRAORDINARY. 


We are blessed with FREEDOM, 
living in a country where we can chase our dreams, speak our minds
and even take liberty for granted.
Today, I beseech you beloved friend, look at the world - be grateful for your place in it. 
Lift your eyes to the heavens with wonder, and believe in the God who created it all. 
In His mercy, He offers you grace and love.

Let us hear the sound of angels 
Singing holy, holy, holy is the Lord 
Let us see the saints and elders 
Gathering in worship 'round Your throne 
There's only one desire 
In the hearts of Your redeemed 
To step deeper in the place 
Where earth and heaven meet 
Oh hear us now 

With the sound like rushing waters 
We sing blessing, honor and praise 
With one voice that rolls like thunder 
Every tongue will now proclaim 
Our God reigns, our God reigns 

Oh we long to hear the nations 
Declaring You the Lord of everything 
Every king and every ruler 
Throwing down their crowns at Your feet 
All majesty and power on the earth and up above 

Be to the only God who was and is and is to come