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Monday, January 23, 2012

Trending challenge....#30thingsaboutme

1. i spent part of my life as an agnostic soft-boiled atheist and now am a certifiable Jesus freak, although opposed to most mainstream religion.

2. 16 years ago i married my high school sweetheart nathaniel, whose name means "gift from God", while i have doubted the truth in that at times (LOL;), i know and believe he truly is my gift from my creator.

3. I believe greed & the desire for materialistic things are leading to the demise of our society.

4. As a child I dreamed of owning my own dance studio and producing lavish theatrical performances. Even though I gave him no credit at the time, God fufilled this dream for me & I spent nearly ten glorious years having an awesome time living the reality show"Dance Moms" BUT- I wasnt like Abbey Lee Miller (I dont think;). I am eternally grateful for the opportunites I had to share my love of the stage with so many truly wonderful students.

5. I long to be "off the grid", hate filing taxes, and reporting to the government anything about my life & whereabouts.

6. I have  homeschooled both of my boys for the last decade, except for the two years my oldest spent w/ the throngs of other children having their minds warped by the public school system (he did love it;). They now both continue to be  unschoolers opposed to societies dictates and into questioning reality as well as authority.

7. Watching my Grandmother descend into the misery of Alzheimers has been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure.

8. I love to take naps & eat. Gluttony & sloth are my favorite sins.

9. While I was a bleeding heart liberal feminist who marched on Washington more than once - my family likes to remind me(and think its funny) that I am now a conservative (ouch) and no longer a supporter of the "feminist agenda". I still get my news from Amy Goodman/Democracy Now - thats gotta count for something. 

10. God has blessed me with lifelong friends that are such wonderful counterbalances to who I am. Philippians 1:3

11. I love Mexican food, my husband loves mexican women.

12. I'll tell you I'm an orphan, after you meet my family.(Name that tune! My chosen theme song;)

13. I am proud & grateful that my sons have lived in the same home for 17 years with parents who are not divorced.

14. I have made grave errors & choices in my life, God made my name Grace for a reason.

15. Both my son Benjamin and I are aspiring authors, he is writing a horror novel about an ex preist who exorcises demons & chases vampires, I am working on my Grandmothers biography/a book about her faith (&mine).

16. I hate to leave my house & am a little agoraphobic. I have no problem standing on a stage & talking or dancing in front of thousands or managing a room of 90, but sometimes the idea of the grocery store is just too much. I am a paradox.

17. I believe we are living during the most important time in the history of the world.

18. I struggle most with unforgiveness.

19. I love watching television;History Channel, OWN,TBN, TCT, CNN, MSNBC, LINK, UCTV, FREESPEECH TV...the list goes on & on.

20. I am registered Libertarian; please defend my borders - deliver my mail & butt the heck out of my life, thanks.

21. When my sons were born i suffered from a condition known as pre-eclampsia. Nick was deprived of oxygen at birth, had an apgar score of 1 and according to doctors was'nt supposed to make it through his first night. On the third day of his life we were told by a very prominant neonatologist that he was a miracle of God. For my second child,I was induced due to blood pressure / blindness & organ failure and delivered a miraculously healthy Benjamin at 27 weeks, he weighed in at 2lbs 12 oz- he is now 15years old -approaching 6 feet rapidly and just tipped the scales at 200#. He is as he is named "the son of my right hand".

22. I intend to travel and live out west at somepoint, to get closer to my Dad & retrace my Grandmother's steps across this country.

23. I have always loved libraries.

24. I enjoy wearing red shoes. 

25. I dance  & sing loudly in my kitchen almost every day.

26. I love the book "Forbidden mysteries of Enoch:fallen angels and the origins of evil".

27. I have Rh negative blood & that makes me part of the weirdo 15% of the population, but I've got great green eyes!

28. This past summer I moved to an island, gave up everything I knew and struck out into uncharted territory (to mainly serve lobster). I've been  looking at a fabulous view every day since. 

29. When I'm camping in the Adirondacks, I read trashy romance novels.

30. I believe all you need is love