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Monday, May 9, 2011

Whats for dinner? Try Cooking with Grace

Cooking with Grace
WANTED: people willing to have fun & eat, join us-classes forming now!

 “Ladies Night Cooking Club”
v Meet once a month with 6-10 of your favorite ladies for an evening of fun  ;D
v Learn money & time saving recipes that will make planning & cooking your family’s dinner - actually enjoyable!
v Each lady is asked to make a minimum purchase of $9.99/month
v Join & receive “Cooking with Grace” quarterly newsletter delivered to your door, Includes great simple recipes, and money saving tips & more…
v Our host each month will provide a kitchen + the ingredients for 2 recipes while enjoying all the benefits of being a PC show host-FREE products &more!
() First Thursday of the month
() Second Friday of the month
()  OR MAYBE you’re interested in selecting a different day & organizing a group of friends!

“Date Night Cooking Class”
v Meet once a month with 4-6 other couples for a fun& inexpensive night out!
v Each couple agrees to make a minimum purchase of $12.99/month
v  Join & receive “Cooking with Grace” quarterly newsletter delivered to your door, Includes great recipes, money saving tips & more…
v You & your dear hubby will will learn a quick &easy recipe while dining on a delish dish…bring a bottle of wine if you would like!
v Our host couple will provide a kitchen +ingredients for 2 recipes & enjoy all the benefits—FREE PC products & more!

() First Friday of the month
() Second Saturday of the month
() OR MAYBE you’re interested in selecting a different day & organizing a group of friends!

Cooking with Grace
Yes…. I am interested in; learning quick + EZ recipes that save me time & money, spending some (much needed) time with friends & putting a couple new items into my kitchen that make cooking a pleasant experience!

Email:                                                                                 Birthday:                                    
Home Phone:                                                         Cell:                                                        
Mailing Address:                                                                                                                
I want to know about YOU!
Please take a minute to tell me about yourself   ……fill in the blanks….
I _____________to  cook. My kitchen is __________________________.
We order &eat pizza/Chinese/fast food _________________ times a week.
I _____________________________________ the McDonalds drive thru.
I spend ___________________________time & money at the grocery store.
My family ___________________________________ fruits & vegetables.
While cooking, I enjoy #______glasses of_________ wine/____________.
My favorite thing to make is _____________________________________.
My least favorite thing to make is ________________________________.
 Dinner time at my house is ______________________________________.
My family really enjoys when I make _____________________________.
What is YOUR best food memory? (A dinner your Mom always made…a breakfast special of your Grandmas… The first dinner your hubby made you…an exquisite entrée from a fine dining restaurant?) 


(please check all that apply)…
() classic cooking show         () catalog show         
 () Ladies Lunch & Tea          () Bridal Shower Show
() kids cooking show () online show            () Grilling show       
 () Couples Cooking Class/Date Night
Answers the question,
“What’s For Dinner?”

Through teaching you simple easy tricks and tips and making available affordable & quality Pampered Chef products, Cooking with Grace ensures your kitchen will become an efficient and pleasant place during the dinner hour, bringing your family together for nutritious as well as delicious home-cooked meals! You have a variety of options, JOIN ONE OF OUR COOKING CLASSES/CLUBS, HOST A SHOW OR…
Looking for an even easier answer?
Each week I prepare yummy home-made meals you can purchase & reheat for your family – for the cost of what you would pay for ONE entrée at a restaurant you can
Regular weekly specials include;
Macaroni & Cheese (Classic, Greek or Italian)
Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup
Tex-Mex Turkey Chili
Southern Style Corn & Potato Chowder
Bring your own container from home or I can package it for you;)
Prices start at $14.99, dinners include fresh roll/bread.
Contact me today for more info! (315)398-4566