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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revelations books ;) yeehaw

Do you know what time it is?
Are you waiting for a " secret rapture " to whisk you& a few select friends  out of this tribulation? Didn't happen yesterday for those folks who placed their faith in man/not God.
Is it looking more& more like Matthew 24 out there to you?
While no man knows the day or hour( sorry to everyone who was dissappointed 5/21/11 wasn't their flight day )----we WERE told of signs- that we may know the season in which we live.....
Todays earthquakes,hurricanes,tornadoes,poisoning of the planet,high-speed communication,&preaching of the gospel to all 4 corners of  the world were foretold by a poor carpenter from the wrong side of town 2000 yrs ago--- & there's more ..... please follow my blog to join me in an exciting new biblestudy!..."The lost teachings of Christ& other good news"

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