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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Yiddish Schlemiel

And Christ breathed the same carrion air with us;
how meek the Majesty of our Almighty God!
What an Infinite Sense of Humor - 
for Him to become one of us!
King of the Universe,
nailed on a cross as a Yiddish Schlemiel by the likes of us.
They say Lucifer was cast down 
for refusing to adore the Incarnate Word;
the Foul One must totally lack a sense of humor!
-The Abbot, A Canticle for Leibowitz 

Here's what I am constantly grateful for and amazed by, the God I worship lived as one of us and was tempted in every way we are, yet He did not sin. He always chose the right, the selfless act, He always loved - despite the circumstance

“I mean Jesus never asked a man to do a damn thing that Jesus didn't do.” ― Walter M. Miller Jr.

Lately, I look around and it seems people are digging in their heels. The Facebook feed is full of heated debate - 
zealots of the new age, none have ears to hear, thus listening a difficult task.

Relationships fail and families fall apart as the roots of stubbornness and pride are old and strong. Why are we such a stiff necked people, why must we always be right? 
That insistence ironic, as we often are unable to choose the right, the good... the selfless choice not usually being our first pick. 

Our world is reinforcing worship of self - demanding it even. Are YOU HAPPY, do you feel good? Somehow we are being educated that we should never feel badly, life is about feeling good - and that, my friends, is a lie. Life is about LIVING; an ongoing process of pain, joy, agony, understanding, confusion - a process with a purpose. More than this, there is more than this and only the good you do goes on. None of the material things, none of the riches you may store up, and none of the flesh - all are dust. We are fleshy creatures, us human beasts, so fleshy in fact we forget who we are.