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Friday, December 5, 2014

What do you believe?

Dearest Reader,

Life is hard and the only certainty is death.
Doesn't necessarily sound like good news,
but let me assure you -
it's an amazing thing.
That YOU are here NOW - ExTrAoRdInArY -  
That you even exist, is the result of an amazing set of circumstances - MiRaCuLouS really!
Made of all those who came before you...stardust and light.
You are a part of a tale, that told even by Tolkein or Speilberg would be hard to swallow. 
There is a story written in the heavens and YOU have a place in it all.
Before time, God had you in mind.

A lot of us humans have a big grudge against God, if he's so great, why are things so messed up? Here's a secret, it's not His fault - all the good stuff, that's God. The bad stuff? Well, that's another story...

There is no good death.
In the beginning in the garden, God planned death for no one.
We live in a Creation gone awry.
The one who wrote our code did not intend for the virus that kills us to exist....
God has not 'taken' anyone from us - He gave us life.

We live during an unprecedented era in all of recorded human history.
Unlocking the genome, understanding DNA, AI, space exploration, the world wide web...
For 6000+years humans traveled at the same speed, in the last 100 years we have seen the speed at which we can move (physically through space, but also sending information and thoughts) increase EXpOnEnTiAllY!!!

Why are you here now, in this age of wonder? Look around you, see this place with new eyes.
You are no accident, descended from a series of randomness - you have a great destiny and are here to change the world.

Join with me my friend,to no man is promised tomorrow and we have much work to do!

Love always,

What do you believe?

Everybody needs something as proof;
something in hand;to know the truth;everybody needs something to see;something to feel;and something to be, yeah

There's a way that seems right; 
in the heart of a man; and many angels of light; 
in disguise destroyin' man;
 so most choose to refuse; the absolute truth; replace it with lies; use ignorance as excuse; it's hard to conceive; what the mind can't comprehend; and harder to believe; what the eyes can't understand; we look to theory, philosophies and thought; for a sure foundation; in a belief we once sought; 
while the shadow of truth; cast an image so clear; the closer it gets; we reject it out of fear; 
if we really wanted truth; we would give our lives for it; walk in its direction of light; 
for God's glory; the saga continues; ‘cause most hearts are deceived; 
if we really wanted truth; we would live and believe; 
so the saga continues; ‘cause most hearts are deceived; 
if we really wanted truth; we would live and believe in it.