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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Case For The Resurrection

Does circumstantial evidence confirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ? 
{Circumstantial evidence is indirect testimony,  evidence in which an inference is required to connect it to a conclusion of fact, like a fingerprint at the scene of a crime. EX. It was circumstantial evidence that earned Timohty McVeigh his death sentence for the OK City bombing. -}

If I was sitting on the jury the following would be enough for me:

1. Within 5 weeks of the death of Christ more than 10,000 Jews had suddenly altered or abandoned rituals that had long given them their national identity (animal sacrifice, Mosaic law, Sabbath keeping...). The implication was that something enormously significant had occurred.

2. The emergence of new rituals (Communion & Baptism) 

3. The rapid rise of a new church (begun by the companions of a dead carpenter), withing 20 years it had reached Caesar's palace in Rome and eventually spread throughout the Roman Empire.

4. Every one of Jesus' disciples was willing to suffer and die for his beliefs. At the time of Christ's death they had all run away, abandoned and denied their teacher. Following His Resurrection they spent their lives witnessing about the risen Christ - it seems ridiculous that they would have done this for a lie.
{, BreakPoint 4/19/01}

5.The empty tomb still exists.

6.The location and names of political leaders who sentenced Him are historically recorded by a variety of sources/cultures.

7. There were more than 500 eyewitness who saw Jesus after the Resurrection, recorded by New testament writers.

8. The very existence of the Christian faith, based on His death and Resurrection.

9. The cultural and political evidence of the time, including the Roman calendar separating all time into Before Christ and in the year of our Lord.
{Garry T. Ansdell, D.D.}

10. This one solitary life did more to change the world than any other. Of all the gods in the pantheon of history none was born as a baby and lived as a man. Only Christ offers mercy and grace, Following Christ is the only of the world's beliefs systems that salvation is based on faith not one's "good works". This is why I beleive.