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Monday, October 6, 2014

Eyes on the skies

Acts of the Apostles

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Recently the moon turned to blood, did you notice?
It's okay if you missed it, you get another chance tomorrow night. 
(Wednesday 10/8/2014 at 5:15am to be exact.)

I noticed the last one (4/15/14), not only am I a stargazing geek but the total lunar eclipse happened to coincide with the Feast of Passover, one of the Lord's commanded feasts.
Passover is the night Jews remember that God freed His people from slavery.
They celebrate that when the plagues descended and the Angel of death came for them -
Their doorway was washed with the blood of the lamb and Death could not touch them.
It is a night to remember, a night that is different from all other nights. The giant red moon hanging in the velvety black sky this past April made this year's feast even more memorable.

We are blessed to be witnesses to a Tetrad (a series of 4 blood moons) over the next year and a half.
The ExCiTiNg part of these is that each of them coincidentally coincides with one of the Lord's commanded feasts. Tomorrow night's falls on Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).

I may not be a church goer, but I am a bible reader and we were told in the very beginning of that book:
"God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years..." Genesis 1:19

We are supposed to PAY ATTENTION to what's going on, seasons - cycles - signs in the sky. 

All were established so mankind, God's most beloved creation, could know WHAT TIME IT IS.

An Old Testament prophet as well as the Apostles happen to mention the blood moon specifically:
Joel 2:31 "The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.
Acts 2:20 “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord.”  (THANKFULLY Jesus' buddies go on to say in Acts 2:21 "And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved")

When we start paying attention to this wild world of ours, it's hard not to be a little freaked out - I mean what the F is going on, right???...ISIS, Ebola, planes disappearing, Fukushima, Economic Collapse.... however we are told time and again in the Word of God "FEAR NOT". 
People, I am here to tell you, THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."
 Luke 21:28

Welcome to The Age of the End, glad to be here with you!

I know I know - you are over it, media has beaten the 'End of the world" story to death.
Apocalypse seems to be the theme from the Weather Channel to ads for Chevy Trucks. In spite of the seeming epic fail regarding the celestial events of 12/21/12, it's still lingering on the mass subconscious. One surprising thing to me is that most folks continue to ignore the prophecies of my boy from the Galilee – but everybody just LOVES to get all worked up by the predictions or signs and wonders of any barbaric bloodthirsty pagans like the Mayans. Go figure.
However, signs in the heavens don't seem to hold this generations attention for long, we're busy and we have better things to look at - we have iPhones! 

Admittedly, doomsday has haunted me my whole life. At age 5 it was necessary for my Grandmother Mahota to comfort me often, assuring me that while no man knows the day or hour, the end of the world would most likely not be THAT day.
As opposed to playing gleefully with my Barbies, I instead begged for answers regarding mans inhumanity towards man, violence, war and death. (Playing with children my own age, was every bit as successful as you would imagine, I was a JOY). My odd nature left me with little hope that we could avoid mankind blowing up the world at any second, by age 8, I was preparing for Nuclear fallout.  
My heroes in early adolescence were Mad Max, Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor -screw the oil embargo, alien invasion AND the smart robots! Addicted to Leonard Nemoy's Ancient Mysteries TV show and reading all my Grandmothers copies of Erich Von Daniken's books by the end of elementary school, I was drawn to esoteric knowledge like a fat kid to chocolate cake. 
So here's the deal - I know I sound crazy, and you most likely picture me standing on a soap box with a giant sign shouting "Repent! The end is near!" in spite of that, I'm asking that you hear me out, suspend  your preconceived notions of God, apocalypse and Jesus Christ and look with new eyes.

Here's the deal – why is the bible different from any other book written in mankind's history? There's actually a variety of reasons, but one of the most interesting is it’s a book of history written before it happened. The real story to take note of is that the majority of what this Holy Book has prophesied has already COME TO PASS- there is only a small percentage of "unfulfilled" prophecy left - mostly all the most terrifying parts.
WE are living in the first age where those things predicted could possibly happen-  there's not much time left- the fierce urgency of now. For thousands of years men have been screaming that it was “the time of the end”, well wake up-they were right! 
YOUR END MAY BE TODAY, to no man is promised tomorrow.
The earth shakes, humans tremble, that's just the natural order of things it seems. Well, if anyone is paying attention - at all - we can't help but to notice that in the last few years the earth is really shaking and some serious changes are taking place.

Matthew 6“You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 8“But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs..." 

check, check double check - we got it ALL going on peeps. 
This the beginning folks,  I think its safe to say the water broke and the birth pangs have begun.

I believe we approach a time of reckoning, because scripture tells us its coming. 
I believe we will continue to see cataclysmic events grow in frequency and destructive power.You will have ears to hear or you will be led astray. 
Do not fear the events of this world- you will have great trials and tribulations but take heart, we have a Messiah who has (already) overcome this world-“it is finished"!

2Timothy3 Understand that the last days will be dangerous times. People will be selfish and love money. They will be the kind of people who brag and who are proud. They will slander others, and they will be disobedient to their parents. They will be ungrateful, unholy, unloving, contrary, and critical. They will be without self-control and brutal, and they won’t love what is good. They will be people who are disloyal, reckless, and conceited. They will love pleasure instead of loving God. They will look like they are religious but deny God’s power. Avoid people like this.

Seek for yourself, that's what I did. 
The evidence is out there just waiting for you to find it. Humor me, lets recap recent events ...
*Please note I have linked videos below for news footage, not because I support any personal opinions expressed by their producers/creators

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Blood Moon Tetrad, COMETS (ISON, sungrazers, etc)
VIDEO: Blood Moons

EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS: TORNADOES (unprecedented size and scope), FLOODING (North America, Europe...), Polar Vortex...
VIDEO: Extreme Weather, Earth Changes Across The World Aug/Sept 2014

VIDEO Scientists experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded

OCEANS ROARING Tsunamis of record breaking magnitude, major increases RED TIDE, Freshwater and SEA "snots"
VIDEO: Extreme Weather Events 2014

MASS ANIMAL DEATHS/STRANDINGS WORLDWIDE: thousands of birds fell from the sky in Wisconsin and across country, sea stars/starfish population nearly wiped out in Pacific, sea lions/seals/walrus populations sick- low birth rates...
VIDEO: Extreme Weather, Animal Die Offs
Messengers from the 'Sea God's' Palace?
In the last few weeks rare "sea creatures" have been found just off the West Coast of the US. Coupled with the mass animal die offs of late, it may be time for all of us ostriches to pull our heads out of the sand and ask the question - what is happening in our worlds oceans? 
WIAN: "Scarier than any shark sighting for southern Californians is a theory about the oarfish. There's a Japanese legend that oarfish beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake. And, in fact, dozens of them did just that in Japan about a year before the devastating Fukushima quake and tsunami in 2011."
PETERSONS: "Yes. So that's exactly what I went into. I wanted to kind of look at this legend. And the year before that big tsunami and earthquake there, they actually had a dozen of these come on shore over the year. So kind of looked at what all these animals do. If you actually go -- this is way deep in the water, right? So the theory is, scientists actually believe that they can feel the tectonic plates moving and they kind of scurry. They get scared. So a little bit of legend, a little bit of science. Who knows what you want to do with it. But it intrigued me, right?
So then I went into, OK, well what about whales? Right before New Zealand, they had 170 whales beach 48 hours before that huge earthquake."
"I've done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I'm used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen....In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes."

The kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. Mark 1:15