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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day......

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice & be glad in spite of the long list of things I'm super pissed about.
Mothers day;a reminder of what I've lost & how I continue to fail in this miserable world.  Hooray,let's celebrate.
In my house,it has become  tradition( out of necessity) to not participate in these " holidays" no cards,no flowers,no buying into Hallmarks ideas on  how to make those around u feel loved.
LOVe in deed not in word- so scripture says....( & that includes meaningless sappy cards).
well anyway,here's my advice, look to God for the love u need to heal ur broken heart. Should your mother & father forsake you, then the Lord will take you up.(psalm27:10)...& sadly if they haven't already,they will. People will always fail you,they can't help it. My grandma Mahota mayve  been the perfect mama,but even she couldn't stop Alzheimers disease from stealing her abilities to Mother.
In spite of their being fallible human creatures, we are commanded to honor our Fathers & Mothers (Deut 5:16) & its the only of the top ten that comes with a promise- honor them & your days will b long! So, honor your mom today- with more than lip service& a silly card.....mow the yard,clean the house,write her a poem-- but take ACTION. And most of all forgive her her flaws& faults---& remember,The only perfect person who ever walked this earth we spit upon,scourged& strung up on a cross.